Ristorante Pizzeria Etna

Who we are

The Ristorante Pizzeria Etna , was born on the outskirts of Rovigo in July 1971 as Pizzeria.
Towards the 80s the management of the activity has passed to Baldo Brothers, who have personalized the local with a typical Venetian cooking; the amplitude of the rooms allows the accommodation of large groups.
Over the years it has become a typical meeting place for local sports companies, thanks to the sports sensitivity always demonstrated by management.
Several renovations that occurred over the years, have allowed us to improve our amenities, in order to provide customers the most comfort. He have also an outdoor room, with a modern gazebo at the entrance of the room adjacent to a green area and ample parking.
Easily identified thanks to a strategic location on the route that connects Padua to Rovigo. We offer high quality food and wine, and we pay much attention to our customers an to the products we serve them. Over the years we have recived various accolades from industry organizations, such as the special premium at about food and wine called "The Golden Fork - El Piron d'Oro "dated 1989, and various certificates.

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